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escape is crashing, closing Rt 23 Delaware Region 2 hours Two people are in jail after officers the right to chase Rt 23 South Delaware County yesterday afternoon, which eventually led to two hours after the accident, and the road is closed in both directions. Investigators were watching one of the men I … Read more href = “”> com Columbus Dispatch after
is a fight sales Fisker Now, Fisker Automotive tools have been approved for sale, the question now turns to the proceeds of such sale will be distributed among many parties that owe Fisker money, including the State of Delaware. Lawyers if I … Read more on The News Journal br Police try to connect Delaware convict girls are long gone Maryland Dover – Investigators in the high-profile disappearance of two sisters in Maryland 1975 – located in Delaware prisoners convicted of sexual assault of a girl of similar age in 1990. Lloyd Lee Welch, 57, was declared “Person of Interest” in I … Read more on The News Journal br